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Sept. 9 Edition of Bauer & Pollock

Live Audio Wrestling / September 9, 2015 - 4:00pm


John Pollock from Live Audio Wrestling and MLW Radio's Court Bauer are back to discuss:

--The status of Kurt Angle and his announcement on his immediate future

--His options outside of TNA, what WWE benefits from signing him and more

--A theoretical on TNA reaching out to Hulk Hogan and if it means anything to have Hogan on board

--John Pollock's interview with Bret Hart, the situation involving Martha Hart and the upcoming Owen Hart DVD project

--Concerns from those working on the Owen Hart DVD

--The Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto fight this weekend in Las Vegas, buzz going into the fight and how it does on pay-per-view

--A look at the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame ballot and some quick thoughts on a variety of candidates

--Court Bauer's newest project he is working on, which will include Alberto El Patron and more!


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