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LAW Sept. 7 Update - Lana Injures Wrist, Paige vs. Sasha

John Pollock / September 7, 2015 - 5:39pm

**Last night’s edition of The LAW is up and available for download with Jason Agnew, Dan Lovranski and I running through a packed week of news and discussing it all in the detail. On the show, Bret Hart joins us to discuss the recent passing of Roddy Piper, his issues with the upcoming Owen Hart DVD that the WWE is releasing and how Martha Hart has stopped certain footage from being used and more. We also chat with Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, take your phone calls, Q&A and more. The show is up at and on iTunes.

**The complete video version of the interview I conducted with Bret Hart is below:

**Tonight Raw is in Baltimore, Maryland at the Royal Farms Arena and they have announced a singles match between Sasha Banks and Paige for the show. Nothing else has been announced as of yet.

**Wai Ting and I will be back with a new Review-A-Raw later tonight on the site and airing on Fight Network on Tuesday at 11am and 7pm ET.

**The Allentown Morning Call, which has been the newspaper attributed to the investigative work over the years in regards to the Jimmy Snuka case, published a piece over the weekend and analyzing why the case never went to trial in 1983. In the piece, Isidore Mahalakis (the forensic pathologist) stated that the forensics were not “clear cut” but did prompt suspicion and advised those at the time to proceed as though a homicide had been committed in regards to Nancy Argentino’s death. Lawyer Richard Cushing, who was representing the Argentino family in 1983, conducted his own investigation and indicated he was stone-walled from the District Attorney and others from moving forward with the case. William Platt was the District Attorney in 1983 and is now a senior judge and would not comment in the story but according to Cushing, Platt informed him that he didn’t have enough evidence to take Snuka to trial. There is a statement from the WWE in the story, regarding any insinuation that Vince McMahon or the World Wrestling Federation at the time played any part in the case not moving forward:

The insinuation that a group of medical examiners, detectives and prosecutors — including two who became judges — could have their integrity compromised and participate in improper activity during the course of a meeting is absurd, categorically false and insulting to all parties. We are hopeful that justice will prevail

**The WWE has announced that Lana (C.J. Perry) suffered a fracture of her wrist while working out in the ring, prior to the WWE house show in Fairfax, Virginia on Sunday. The injury has been diagnosed as a Colles’ fracture and will require surgery with Lana expected to miss four-months of action.

**Steve Austin will be interviewing Edge and Christian on the WWE Network immediately after tonight’s Raw.

**A fan sent a tweet to D-Von Dudley today and stated that he cannot wait to see the “impact” that Bubba and D-Von make on Raw tonight, with D-Von responding with the following:

Lol... please don't use the word impact brings up a lot of bad dreams...

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