Smackdown Report for May 18 - Sheamus Vs Randy Orton

Joseph Bernard / May 19, 2012 - 6:40pm

Tonight's show was taped Tuesday in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  As always Booker T, Michael Cole and Josh Matthews are on commentary.  We get a brief flashback video from last week's instalment of the John Laurenitis/John Cena angle.  Laurenitis makes his way down to the ramp and cuts a promo asking us to pray for him.  This brings out C.M. Punk who wants to wish Laurenitis well in his 'future endeavors' (I love how that's actually become a known expression in the business).  The bully C.M. Punk takes his leave and Laurenitis again appeals to the WWE Uniververse but heels on them in the end (this was excellent).


It's good to see that there's a little emphasis being placed on the tag division these days (as opposed to 'little emphases').  'No Days Off' Darren Young locks up with R-Truth.  Young gets the better of this exchange and unloads a little on Truth in the corner.  Truth fires up and does the same.  Irish Whip by Darren Young.  Truth holds onto the ropes and tags out.  Kofi hits a high cross body on his entrance into a cover.  Kofi does that really cool thing that he got from Christian where he pivots around the outside of the second rope to avoid his opponent while kicking said opponent in the head (I've never had a name for this move).  Titus O' Neil attempts to interfere and is knocked to the floor.  This gives Young the opening he needs and he suplexes Kofi on the apron (this looked really cool).  Young sends Kofi back into the ring and goes for a cover.  In tags O'Neil.  Scoop slam by the big barking seal.    O'Neil hits a short clothesline in the corner.  O'Neil charges the corner but Kofi gets his boots up.  Simultaneous hot tags and Truth goes off on Darren Young.   Truth hits the Lie Detector and a DDT and goes for the cover.  O'Neil breaks up the pin.  Kofi takes out O'Neil as Truth hits another finisher on Young.

Winners - Kofi Kingston & R-Truth

Ah - the Broski's back! (and Damian Sandow wants nothing to do with him!).  Following this we get a brief video highlighting Ryback's recent run of job matches (this was pretty well done and he really does look like quite a monster when he's hitting those moves).


This was almost another one of those matches that didn't happen as Sandow initially came down to the ring and cut a promo before deciding not to do the match.  Tatsu calls him out on it and with the anger that only a man wearing hot pink could muster Sandow sneak attacks Tatsu, beats the crap outta him and hits a finisher.

The champ and Randy Orton are interviewed in the back by Matt Striker.


Good to see Zack back on Smackdown.  Bryan hits a stiff forearm off the initial lockup, some more offense and an early cover.  Ryder fights back with some right hands and gets in a hope spot before Bryan grounds him with a knee to the stomache.  Bryan follows up with that mean running dropkick into the corner.  Bryan applies a brutal armbar submission type move that I've never seen before.  Ryder fires up again but misses the Broski Boot.  Bryan follows up with some stiff kicks.  Bryan applies the Yes! Lock and keeps it on well after Ryder has already tapped out.

Winner - Daniel Bryan (and the Smackdown audience)

After the match Bryan takes a seat at the commentary table.


Any C.M. Punk on my TV can only be a good thing (man - that Punk/Bryan match is gonna be amazing!).  I don't recall seeing Punk vs. Kane before.  Lockup leads to an Irish Whip and a Kane shoulderblock.  Punk is right back up though and attempts to kick down the Big Red Monster.  Punk ends up in the corner but fights out with punches and clotheslines Kane to the floor as we go to the commercial break.  Back from the break and Punk is owning Kane in the ring.  Punk hits a DDT and goes for the cover.  Punk works the left leg and applies a figure four.  Kane punches his way out and launches Punk out of the ring.  Punk hits a Hot Shot on Kane and attempts to follow up with a flying axehandle from the top rope but Kane has him scouted with an underhand chop.  Kane sets up Punk against the ringpost and hits a baseball slide.  Kane punishes Punk with numerous shoulderblocks into the corner and goes for a cover.  Bear hug spot goes just a few seconds before Punk fights out with rights.  Kane gets his heat right back with a sidewalk slam and a cover.  Kane applies a legscissors and hits Punk with headbutts to the back of the head (damn!).  Punk fights out and almost takes a chokeslam but ends up reversing it into a neckbreaker.  A charging Kane misses Punk with sets him up for a high running knee.  Punk follows with a bulldog from the top rope and a springboard flying lariat.  Punk attempts the GTS.  Kane hits the Carbon Footprint and goes for the cover.  Kane sets up Punk for a Superplex.  Punk fights out and Kane takes the back bump to the mat.  Punk hits the trademark Randy Savage elbow.  Kane hits a Sidewalk Slam.  Kane climbs the turnbuckles and hits some aeriel offense.  Kane looks for the chokeslam but Punk ain't havin' it.  Punk hits a tope that sends him into the announce table.  Bryan attacks Kane with a chair and then retreats up the ramp.  Kane recovers and demolishes the champ with several chair shots before rolling him into the ring for a chokeslam.  Kane then picks him up again for another one!

Winner(by DQ) - Kane


Yep - it's the I.C. champ vs. the U.S. champ right here on Smackdown!  Both men use hammerlocks and reversals off the initial lockup.  Rhodes grounds the U.S. champ with a knee to the gut and follows up with some old school stomping offense.  Cody misses a beautiful moonsault.  Morella preps for the Cobra but ends up eating a standing dropkick.  Santino does the splits to avoid a clothseline and hits the Cobra

Winner - Sanitno Morella


I can definitely say I'm a fan of the way they've booked this feud.  It's all based on misunderstandings, coincidence and the fact that both guys are known to have short fuses.  It's also really great to see that Sheamus has improved so very much in the ring (I remember back to that Summerslam match these two had 2 years ago - ugh!).  Lockup sees the advantage going to neither man and an eventual ref break.  2nd lockup favours Sheamus who works a headlock spot and follows with a shoulderblock before eating a dropkick.  Orton goes to work on the left arm.  Sheamus backs Orton into the corner.  Shoving turns into punches back and forth.  Orton grounds Sheamus with a clothesline and then goes oldschool with the stomping but misses a knee drop.  Both men take turns turnbuckling each other and unloading with rights.  Sheamus is clotheslined to the floor.  Both continue to trade rights.  Orton is sent shoulder-first into the ringsteps.  Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick and hits the post.  Orton uses the ring steps to work over the arm of Sheamus going into the commercial break.  Back from the break and Orton is working Sheamus arm over the 2nd rope.  Orton slides to the floor and continues to punish the left arm of Sheamus.  Sheamus fires up but Orton gets his heat back with a reverse flying armbar.  Orton applies a chinlock.  Sheamus fires up again but Orton continues to work the arm.  Sheamus still has plenty of fire but not after Orton launches him into the turnbuckle.  Orton again goes to work on the arm of Sheamus using the 2nd rope.  Sheamus launches Orton to the floor.  Sheamus hits the Sheamus Spot.  Sheamus launches Orton off the apron into the fan barricade as we go to the commercial break.  Back from the break and the champ in owning the Viper with a whole series of knee drops and a cover.  Rest hold by Sheamus.  Orton fights out with forearm shots but is grounded by a knee to the gut.  Cover by Sheamus.  Rolling forward Samoan Drop by the champ.  Sheamus goes for Pale Justice but Orton evades.  Orton hits a few clotheslines and that wicked snap powerslam.  Belly-to-belly suplex by the Viper.  Hot Shot by the champ!  Sheamus hits a springboard shoulderblock, a running knee lift and a textbook powerslam.  Cover by Sheamus.  Orton scouts Sheamus on a backdrop attempt.  Sheamus hits a backbreaker and goes for another cover.  Sheamus goes up to the top rope.  Orton catches him and preps for the Superplex.  Cover by Orton.  Both men trade right hands for quite awhile.  Sheamus backs Orton into the corner.  Sheamus misses a Brogue Kick and gets hung up on the ropes.  Orton hits a draping DDT.  Orton fires up for the finisher.  Sheamus attempts the Brogue Kick.  Sheamus rolls up Orton for the win.

Winner - Sheamus

Post match Orton offers his hand.  Eventually Sheamus takes it but then he ends up taking an RKO as the show goes off the air.

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